We provide streaming solution for you with full stable streams.

Super Fast!

Due to our high end servers you will not experience any lag or interruption to your service, no matter if you are in Canada, USA or in Europe!

Enjoy Streamers TV on the go. No contract. No cancellation fees.

Call us to find out if Streamers TV is right for you!


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Reliable Hardware

These 10gbps servers are situated around the world giving you the best connection possible for buffer free viewing.

Dedicated Support Team

These guys keep the cogs turning and are on hand to make sure you have an uninterrupted viewing experience.

99.9% Server Uptime

With 99.9% server uptime you can enjoy your service all the time!

Streamers TV Subscription Services

Streamers TV

  • Over 1200 Live TV channels FULL HD quality
  • Choose from countless of Live TV Channels from all around the World.


Android devices, Apple devices iOS ZGemma Boxes, Enigma2 Boxes MAG Boxes, STB Emulators

Recommended Apps

Own Android App SmartSTB


24 Hour Ticket System Support


If you have any questions regarding the setup we offer please log a ticket in the Client Area

What do our customers think?


WOW TRUE 1080P ON SPORTS CHANNELS, very impressed so far and the choice of channels is huge. GRANT SHAPIRO

Great experience from Root Hosting with fast and friendly service. The services works great and I could not be more pleased! Keep up the good work guys! Reuben Leach

Excellent service…had no issues wotsoever…recommended it to all my friends. Stephen Smith

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